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Second screens becoming devices of choice

Jo Ruddock 10 October 2014
Second screens becoming devices of choice

Delivery of video content and advertising to screens has changed. Smartphones and tablets are no longer just the ‘second screen’, but increasingly the primary devices of choice, writes Steve Montgomery.

Consumers increasingly take large bites of entertainment content in many different locations throughout each day as personal habits shift and viewing becomes a more personal experience. People now find time to watch a video clip, or an entire movie, in many different places and on a variety of devices. Content must be delivered to every device to address changing consumption patterns.

Ooyala’s Q1 2014 Global Video Index investigates this mobile viewing trend and investigates multi-screen viewing habits that will continue to see online video set new records. “With the transformation of video consumption habits in full swing, any company in the video business is faced with challenging new questions. It’s midnight; do you know where your audience is? What is your audience watching? Which devices and on which platforms? What is their tolerance for advertising? Where should adverts be placed, and how many?”

The chart shows the length of video content watched on devices in minutes.

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