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Screen Excellence, S-SE unveil new retractable screen

David Davies 15 December 2010
Screen Excellence, S-SE unveil new retractable screen

Screen Excellence and its US partner, S-SE, have worked together to design the new RM2-T retractable drop-down projection screen.

Features of the new product include: Enlightor 4K fabric, described as the only existing acoustically transparent surface that cannot visibly be distinguished from a solid projection surface; advanced dual lateral tension for a ‘perfectly flat and stretched projection surface’; InfiniteBlack real velvet borders, which are said to absorb 99.7% of the incidental light; and a comprehensive range of control.

Already shipping, the RM2-T ranges in price from £4,000 to £5,300, excluding VAT, depending on size.

Patrice Congard from Screen Excellence told IE Residential: "The main advantages of this screen is that it is the first retractable drop-down screen that we have achieved to provide with the Enlightor 4K as standard. The Enlightor 4K being a soft fabric, it has been a quite complex process to roll it around a motorised tube and to get it perfectly flat and stretched when deployed. This has been achieved, together with the unique InfiniteBlack true velvet borders, providing the very best imaging quality and sound transparency in this retractable format.

"The European market comprises, in proportion, more equipment in non-dedicated rooms than the North American market, so the demand for drop-down screens is higher. We feel that the RM2-T is setting a new standard both in terms of performance and appearance, and should [be] a great success in Europe."

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