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Schwarzenegger in News International Prysm LPD wall London debut

Ian McMurray 25 February 2013

News International has installed a Prysm videowall backdrop in its new East London studio. The 4.06 metre by 1.9 metre (8 x 5 tile) Laser Phosphor Display (LPD) screen was unveiled by Arnold Schwarzenegger on Sun Webchat, declaring Prysm’s first broadcast installation in the UK officially on air.

The display will be used primarily as a backdrop for corporate broadcasts and for The Sun newspaper when interviewing celebrities for Sun Webchat.

Prysm worked alongside integrator Deltatre to install the 40 25in LPD tiles which are from Prysm’s new broadcast range. The new tiles have a wide range of colour temperature settings between 2,400 – 11,000 Kelvin.

“This colour temperature range makes Prysm ideal for creating stunning backdrops and live correspondence screens as it has been specifically designed for optimum performance in lighting situations typically used in broadcast studios,” said Steve Scorse, vice president for Prysm in Europe, Middle East and Asia. “This will also eliminate moiré patterns, especially during camera zooms and ensures skin tones are portrayed accurately and in line with the presenters in the studio.”

According to Prysm, LPD is an environmentally friendly display platform drawing just 30 watts of power per 25in tile, 75% less than traditional LCD displays. The technology also runs cool so no additional HVAC cooling infrastructure is needed.

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