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Schneider’s Sphere – the shape of lighting control to come

Andrew Brister 26 January 2011
Schneider’s Sphere – the shape of lighting control to come

Schneider Electric has launched a discreet new lighting control product – Sphere – that offers home and offices the prospect of sophisticated lighting at the touch of a button.

Sphere provides total flexibility, optimum convenience and energy efficiency, making it the ideal lighting control solution for any home or light commercial installation.

Sphere functions through a coded wireless signal that is sent from a controller to the wired-in circuit receiver units. These receivers in turn control the light source, or other equipment connected to it, and can be discreetly located to ensure décor is not compromised.

Sphere does not require any complicated software for installation – it can be set up in just a few straightforward steps using the controller and receiver.

For the end-user, simplicity of Sphere is just one of the advantages. At the touch of a button, the light levels can be controlled to the desired ambience. In addition, customers have the choice of either wall-mounted or hand-held controllers, allowing them to interact with the system to best meet their needs. With a choice of five or eight channels, homeowners can benefit from a greater choice of scenes to fit in with their lifestyle.

Sphere can also act as a means of security, which is another of its major advantages. The wireless controllers allow a whole house or office to be illuminated prior to entry which provides extra reassurance for those returning home or to the office at night.

Lighting control provides a more environmentally-friendly solution compared to traditional lighting methods, as lighting is only switched on when needed and can be adjusted in accordance to the light level outside. This will help to reduce energy consumption, resulting in lower fuel bills.

Mike Bancroft, category manager from Schneider Electric, believes Sphere is an innovative new product that will be well received in the market. He commented: “Sphere is the perfect product for today’s homeowners who require greater management of their home lighting. Sphere offers ultimate control at the touch of a button and a world of possibilities for homeowners due to its flexibility, ease of use and simple installation.”

Formerly coming under divisional company GET, all lighting control products, including Sphere, will now be branded Schneider Electric as the company moves into the future under one name.


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