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Scala software used for Turkish digital ad network project

Paddy Baker 10 May 2010
Scala software used for Turkish digital ad network project

Ströer Kentvizyon has installed its Outdoortv digital ad network in 16 metro stations in Istanbul and Ankara, Turkey. Using Scala Content Manager, Player and Designer software, the Outdoortv production team created what are said to be the first brand-specific DOOH advertorial projects adapted for location and content in Turkey.

To date, Outdoortv has a total of 41 135in Panasonic projector screens in the Metro network, with plans to add 15 more by July.

Located in the centre of each metro station, the screens are intended to make the community experience more enjoyable and provide a new way for advertisers to reach consumers. The screens play content at all times, except when a train is at the platform.

"We chose Scala to design and power the Outdoortv Metro network because of its flexibility and ease of use," said Zeynep Solak, IT executive, Ströer Kentvizyon. "Scala helps spread Ströer’s experience and knowledge in digital media technology across Turkey and invest in the future of outdoor media with powerful network infrastructure and content."

Robert Koolen, president of Scala, told IE: "Ströer’s Outdoortv Metro network is a cutting-edge example of how large-scale screens and digital advertising are being deployed at transit terminals worldwide. We look forward to working with Ströer to capitalise on digital signage in the transportation industry and to develop Scala’s offering in the Turkish transit sector."

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