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Saville wins videoconferencing bid at eBay

Andrew Brister 7 March 2012
Saville wins videoconferencing bid at eBay

Saville Audio Visual has installed videoconferencing at eBay’s offices throughout Europe. eBay is the world’s largest online marketplace with around 97 million active users globally. Saville Audio Visual was commissioned to upgrade and extend the eBay’s communications by installing Lifesize HD conferencing systems in six different offices at the UK headquarters in Richmond, Surrey and throughout the network of eBay offices in Europe. The systems comprise Lifesize Room 220 packages with dual 55-inch NEC Full HD screens, Polycom microphones and Crestron controllers. The aim of the upgrade is to increase the company’s videoconferencing capabilities with dual screen operability at all sites, via a compact, efficient and aesthetically pleasing solution. The selected system is designed to be future proof and flexible, providing an easy-to-use experience, including bespoke training sessions. In addition the systems provide remote access and operation of all main equipment items and control systems. The bespoke programming layout and configuration Saville has carried out for the APC controllers has been very well received, resulting in a request to reconfigure all the company’s existing units. To date, systems have been rolled out at eBay offices in Berlin, Paris, Zurich, Bern and Amsterdam. Further installations are scheduled at these sites, followed by Sweden, Denmark, Italy, Czechoslovakia, Ukraine, Israel and Turkey. 

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