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Saville live event magazine published

Ian McMurray 15 November 2011
Saville live event magazine published

The latest edition of the free audio visual & live event technology magazine from UK integrator Saville Audio Visual is published this month, featuring an interview with three of the company’s senior AV production managers.

‘Conference’ is written, designed and produced in-house by Saville as an audio visual companion for conference and event organisers. The new issue focuses on hybrid or ‘blended’ events and adding on-line delegates via streaming and webcasting technologies. It includes expert technical advice, news and industry opinion plus case studies of UK and international events staged with Saville crews and facilities.

Articles include Steve Garcia’s advice on promoting events via social media; ‘Keep Taking The Tablets’, which looks at the influence of the iPad in event presentations; and Tim Ernest’s audio visual globetrotting in ‘Around The World in AV Days’. Tourism guru Richard John also asks ‘What could possibly go wrong?’ in ‘The Risk Business’.

Conference can be requested by e-mail from or viewed online at

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