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Russian Railway teleconference centre back on track with AXYS Intellivox

James McGrath 29 October 2012
Russian Railway teleconference centre back on track with AXYS Intellivox

Russian Rail’s teleconference centre located in Ekaterinburg, Russia, has been installed with Duran Audio’s AXYS Intellivox DC180 speaker system.

The historic building was built in 1928, meaning its architecture – with very high ceilings – creates reverberation isues. And after spending years suffering with a poor quality distributed speaker system, Russian Rail called in local integrators Arsenal Music to design a new system for the facility. The install took place in September 2012. Vladimir Kuzmin who led the contingent Arsenal Music commented: "our client came to us with a clear problem. They needed to have intelligent sound within a room with a reverb time in excess of 5 seconds. It was vital to them that the impact on this historic room was minimal, so the only choice was AXYS Intellivox.” The AXYS Intellivox DC180 system employs vertical beam steering technology and is equipped with a 32-bit floating point DSP to ensure highly accurate directivity.  In addition the system incorporates audio processing features including: volume control, parametric EQ and delay. The Twelve, custom designed 4in loudspeakers in each device are driven by an eight-channel class-D amplifier. Power for this arrives from a sophisticated switched mode power supply. What’s morem the unit can be conttolled using the company’s WinControl software, which offers control over the beam steering parameters, audio processing and status-check features. Kuzmin finished: “The client is delighted with the results, so much so we are currently installing AXYS Intellivox in yet another of their historic facilities". 

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