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RTiPanel app for iPhone, iPad now available

David Davies 16 August 2011
RTiPanel app for iPhone, iPad now available

Remote Technologies Incorporated (RTI) has announced the launch of an RTiPanel app for the iPhone, iPod touch and iPad, offering complete control over any RTI control system with an XP series control processor.

Among the features of the app are a customisable user interface, highly optimised connection speeds, and full two-way feedback including cover art, weather graphics and dynamic image lists. The app supports connection locally through Wi-Fi and offers remote access via auto-switching Wi-Fi and 3G wireless, allowing for control and monitoring from virtually anywhere in the world.

The RTiPanel app – which is programmed using the same Integration Designer software used to program all RTI products – is now available to download from the Apple App Store. Users will need to purchase licences online from the RTI website to enable communication with their RTI control system.

Pete Baker, vice-president of sales and marketing for RTI, commented: “The RTiPanel app is one of our most anticipated product releases ever, and we are very excited to say that it is now available. We are tremendously proud of the hard work and innovation that have gone into this app, and to bring our dealers a solution that is superior to anything else on the market. From full two-way control to a completely customizable user interface, every detail of the RTiPanel has been designed to complement our control systems perfectly, allowing our dealers to provide an unprecedented control experience for their customers, at home or away.”

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