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RTI launches new audio matrix switcher

David Davies 18 October 2010
RTI launches new audio matrix switcher

The four-zone AD-4 offers a flexible solution for the distribution of music throughout any residential or commercial installation. Containing both a matrix switching pre-amp and a built-in eight-channel Cool Power Class D amplifier, the AD-4 distributes up to four analogue audio sources to four zones.

Added flexibility comes with the ability to augment four local audio source inputs with four remote source inputs. As a result, users can enjoy music from their bedroom CD player, kitchen iPod dock, and office PC in any zone, with 25 watts per channel.

Featuring a compact, low-profile design, the AD-4 is suitable for rack-mount or free-standing installations. Access to audio and control of remote sources may be achieved using the RSP1 accessory wall plate and a single CAT5 cable, while commercial and residential applications can benefit from a mute function that quiets the music when the doorbell or phone system rings. For larger projects, RTI’s open architecture enables the control of multiple AD-4 units for additional zones.

Information such as the selected source, volume level and tone control settings are available for each zone, with more advanced information – for example, song playlists, cover art and tuner RDS data – is also available through integration with RTI’s two-way enabled control products.

“Our AD-4 offers a simple way to distribute music from a number of audio sources throughout any residential or commercial installation without breaking the budget,” said Pete Baker, vice-president of sales and marketing for RTI. “And when combined with RTI’s central processors, remote controls, touchpanels, and keypads, audio is only the beginning. Our professional-grade control systems allow every aspect of your environment to work in complete harmony — from audio and video to lighting, temperature, and more.”

In other developments, RTI has announced the forthcoming release of the AD-8 eight-zone distributed audio system for larger installations.

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