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Daktronics LED displays selected for robotic screens aboard cruise ships

Duncan Proctor 24 July 2015
Daktronics LED displays selected for robotic screens aboard cruise ships

Royal Caribbean International has partnered with Daktronics in conjunction with Robotic Arts and ABB to install ‘RoboScreen’ robot display systems aboard the new Quantum Class cruise ships.

“We were looking to develop the next big ‘WOW’ feature for the Quantum Class and after initiating concepts with ABB and Robotic Arts, it became apparent that selecting the best display solution would be a critical element,” said Christopher Vlassopulos, superintendent of SLVR and architectural lighting for Royal Caribbean International and Celebrity Cruises.

“Because a robotic visual screen had never been implemented on a ship, there were numerous concerns about the technical viability, long-term reliability and overall quality. We were pleased to meet Daktronics, who then utilised their engineering and US-based facility resources to work as partners in the successful design and testing of the RoboScreen concept.”

Six LED video displays were mounted to robots in the Two70 entertainment venue, which is named for its 270° panoramic sea views. The displays can be moved, turned and rotated in coordination with custom-made 3D animations and video signals. Each display features 4mm line spacing and together cover approximately 15sqm of display space in each club.

“The results have been fantastic,” added Vlassopulos. “Daktronics has been a solid partner for these ships as well as a number of other Royal Caribbean ships for which Daktronics has installed outdoor SMD LED screens. We’re very pleased with the quality and reliability of the product and, just as importantly, the response and the quality of customer service.”

Daktronics also provided an outdoor LED video display on the pool deck of each ship, which are used to screen movies and can also provide passengers with important information and announcements.

Pool Deck  - Deck 14&15 Midship Quantum of the Seas - Royal Caribbean International

“Daktronics is proud to be part of this ground-breaking project from the initial idea through extensive testing and working with everyone involved to make this project a reality,” said Peter Dunkle, Daktronics sales representative. “It is critical that LED displays withstand all the different structural, environmental and weather-related aspects that are inherent on cruise ships, including superior brightness to maintain visibility in high ambient light conditions. Daktronics product engineering groups have developed products that meet and exceed the requirements for open sea applications. We’re excited to be able to provide a solution for this important customer application and for the unprecedented RoboScreen project.”

Picture courtesy of Royal Caribbean International

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