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Rock-ing the Parisian suburbs with APG and Lab.gruppen

test 19 February 2010
Rock-ing the Parisian suburbs with APG and Lab.gruppen

City Rock lounge bar/restaurant in Cergy Pontoise has been equipped with an APG sound system powered exclusively by Lab.gruppen C Series amplifiers. The multi-zone distributed system devised by Pierre Yves Seddiki from systems contractor AMPI tailors to each of the three areas’ varying requirements.

In the first zone, where the emphasis is on a "calm and tranquil atmosphere", the system includes eight APG MX1 loudspeakers and an MX2. In this second area – the club lounge Le Maroc – 10 MX2s are complemented by compact SUB138P units. Finally, the third area with the principal bar and dancefloor features 12 MX1s, five MX4s and a TB115S subwoofer.

Processing is APG throughout (two DMS26s, one LPMX4 and one LPMX2), while C Series amplifiers from Lab.gruppen – specifically, C48:4, C10:8X and C10:4X units – power the entire loudspeaker network.

"I’ve been working with APG for a long time, and this sort of installation is typical of what I can achieve using their products," said Seddiki. "My company motto is ‘Quality, Service and Results’. It’s what I expect to deliver to my clients, and what I expect – and get – from APG. Their products are extremely high quality, the service is excellent, and I achieve great results. It’s a great relationship."

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