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Robert Juliat follows Eurovision performers

Ian McMurray 1 July 2011
Robert Juliat follows Eurovision performers

… and still the Eurovision Song Contest stories come rolling in (see here) – this time, from Robert Juliat.

Against a rig of over 5,500 fixtures, lighting designer Jerry Appelt chose a total of 15 Robert Juliat followspots to pick out the performers against the dynamic set during the rehearsals, two semi-final shows and the all-important final.

Six Robert Juliat Aramis 2500W HMI DMX and four Robert Juliat Lancelot 4000W HTI followspots highlighted the main performers from front of house positions during each number, with five Robert Juliat Victor 1800W MSR followspots used as backlight from truss seats suspended behind the stage.

The show needed followspots that were powerful enough to pick out the performers amid the quantity of light put out by over 2,000 moving lights and vivid video backdrops. All the Robert Juliat followspots were provided by Cape Cross of Cologne, Germany.

Photo Credit: Pieter Van Den Berghe EBU

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