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Robe launches BMFL luminaire in global broadcast

Paddy Baker 2 September 2014
Robe launches BMFL luminaire in global broadcast

Robe co-founder and general manager Josef Valchar presented the company’s new BMFL luminaire in a global streamed presentation today. BMFL stands for Bright Multifunctional Luminaire (although he noted it could also denote Better Method For Lighting).

The result of over three years’ development work, BMFL is a powerful light for large venues – such as TV studios and concert venues. It uses a brand new Osram lamp developed specifically for Robe, which can be operated at 1,200W, 1,500W or 1,700W. The CRI (92) and the colour temperature remain the same across all power modes, said Valchar.

The 36kg fixture produces 250,000 lux at 5m, or 2,500 lux at 50m. Features include: smooth dimming to black without distortion; an 11:1 zoom ratio (5º to 55º in a split second), with tracking focus to ensure that the beam remains sharp at both extremes; and even, seamless colour changing.

Pan and tilt are said to be far quicker than anything else of this size and power – “in fact, we are 20 times faster than Usain Bolt over 100m,” said Valchar.

BMFL also features Robe’s latest developed EMS or electronic motion stabiliser. This reduces beam deviation caused by movement or vibration of the truss or set.

“We’ve not only listened, we’ve delivered. I truly believe this is the best fixture we’ve ever made,” said Valchar.

Robe is arranging demos of the new product at various locations worldwide.

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