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Robe, Anolis provide lighting for German outdoor art installation

Ian McMurray 21 January 2013
Robe, Anolis provide lighting for German outdoor art installation

Robe CitySkape 48 and CitySource 96 and Anolis Inground 12 RGB LED fixtures have been specified and installed to illuminate a collection of art and sculptural works by Volker-Johannes Trieb in an area including a huge garden, a gallery, an event location and the renovated old railway station in Sutthausen near Osnabrück, Germany.

The area is called Iktomia and consists of several art works in the grounds of the newly refurbished station complex. Many of them are large and constructed from ceramic and rusty metal, including a wall built from 20 tonnes of residue iron.

These are skilfully integrated with the natural attractiveness of the gardens, creating a series of scenes and industrial interventions with which people can interact as they pass through – be it for a meditative wander to appreciate the gardens or to visit the new restaurant or taking a brisk shortcut on their way to work.

It was part of Trieb’s master design plan that Iktomia should come alive after dark as well as being appreciated during the daylight hours, and so he approached German distribution company LMP to assist with the specification of an appropriate lighting scheme.

LMP’s Marc Petzold and Olli Winkler specified the units – 13 CitySkape 48s and nine CitySource 96s – from Robe’s LED series. These – fully IP65-rated for exterior use – are rigged on catenary wires strung between the trees and suspended above the gardens, with one CitySkape 48 integrated in an 8 metre high iron gate which is one of the exhibits.They are all fitted with LumenRadio wireless receiver cards, removing the need to also run DMX data cable. This was a huge time and cost saver and a far more practical solution, leaving only power cables to be run out to the various lighting positions.

The three Anolis ArcSource 12s are embedded in a concrete plinth at the foot of one of the largest art works – “Sehnsucht” – consisting of three giant rusty metal disks bearing various inscriptions – forming a ‘gateway’ between real and imagined worlds placed in a course of a river.

All the garden lighting is controlled by an E:cue Butler XT system, also suggested by LMP, which is programmed with eight different signature colour combinations. This is accessible via three different remote panel switch points installed in buildings around the garden, and also via an iPod Touch running an OSC App for remote accessing the solid state CueCore lighting control from Visual Productions triggering the wireless system.

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