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RJS Electronics introduces new RGB switch

test 29 January 2010

New from UK-based RJS Electronics is the Q5, an RGB LED backlit programmable LCD switch. The product possesses a 64 x 32 pixel graphic display with what RJS Electronics describes as “the largest viewing area on the market” (17.26 x 12.78sqmm).

This switch interface uses the standard industrial protocol (SPI) with each pixel individually addressable by the user. The RGB switch – which has the potential to display 65,536 backlight colours by use of programming supplied with the product – is said to have a lifetime of at least 3 million operations and to differ from competitors in that it offers a quality switch as well as display properties.

Q5 will be available from 2010. A prototype will be available on RJS Electronics’ stand at ISE (1G98) to allow viewing of the switch and the clarity of the colours displayed.

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