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Ritz revamps with Yamaha

David Davies 16 December 2011
Ritz revamps with Yamaha

A major £2m refurbishment of Manchester live music and club venue the Ritz included the specification of a new audio system, including two Yamaha M7CL-48 mixing consoles.

Primary criteria for the new set-up – which was supplied and installed by Dimension Audio – were the venue’s hectic schedule and diversity of usage. Touring engineers’ familiarity with Yamaha systems – installed at the Ritz in conventional FOH and monitor positions – was another key factor.

“The M7CL is very versatile, it’s a great all-rounder,” said Dimension project manager Andy Laurie. “We have always had a good relationship with Yamaha and we own a few M7CLs that we hire out on a regular basis for large gigs, so we know how reliable they are. That was an important factor and it was a comfortable decision, which we knew was right for the venue.

“Most mix engineers have used a Yamaha console and the way they operate is familiar across the range, so it made sense. Of course there are always some people who want the moon on a stick, but we had a budget for the audio side and the economically viable option was to install consoles that the vast majority would be happy using.”

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