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Riedel announces EBU Tech 3347 compatibility

David Davies 14 March 2011
Riedel announces EBU Tech 3347 compatibility

All of the company’s intercom-over-IP products (including, pictured, the VOIP-108 G2 Client card for Artist as well as the Connect IPx2 and IPx8 devices) are fully compatible to the recently released EBU Tech 3347 standard.

According to Riedel, this development means that the company is the first manufacturer providing VoIP intercom products compliant to the EBU Tech 3347 standard.

The European Broadcast Union (EBU) has defined the specification for interoperable intercom-over-IP. The EBU Tech 3347 standard will allow for standardised operation between interfaces of different vendors, thereby changing the way in which large installations will be handled in future.

The EBU Tech 3347 standard makes use of technology already common in IP telephony and data communications. The Session Initiation Protocol (SIP) is a signalling protocol for setting up, modifying and terminating voice or video sessions involving two or more participants on an IP network. SIP delivers the fast set-up needed for interactive voice communications and is already widely utilised over both the Internet and telephony IP networks to support VoIP services.

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