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RGB LED data projector from Samsung

Jo Ruddock 19 July 2010

The SP-F10M offers 1,000 ANSI lumens output. It employs an LED light source with an estimated lifespan of 50,000 hours using Eco-mode, which is said to significantly reduce the environmental impact and the overall cost of ownership of the projector.

According to Samsung, the LED light source maintains its brightness over most of the life of the projector as well as offering a greater colour intensity and range than any other LED projector currently available, This gives the user greater flexibility and allows the projector to be used, for example, on a blackboard or greenboard, in addition to whiteboards and screens.

Reduced noise level, power consumption and power-up time adds significantly to the appeal of the SP-F10M, which offers remote control over power, volume and inpuy changes, plus navigation and selection of files.

The SP-F10M provides diagnostic information such as running time, temperature level and errors – all of which can be remotely monitored and controlled in real time.

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