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RGB to distribute Revolution Acoustics invisible speakers

Duncan Proctor 29 May 2015
RGB to distribute Revolution Acoustics invisible speakers

RGB Communications has announced it is now the exclusive distributor in the UK and Ireland for Revolution Acoustics’ range of invisible speakers to complement RGB’s conventional architectural speakers.

Revolution Acoustics’ new speakers utilise a different approach using objects such as walls, windows, ceiling and furniture to replace dynamic drivers.

Unlike other invisible speakers a subwoofer is not required, the Revolution Acoustics transducers can be applied to almost any substrate (panel) in less than three minutes, instantly causing the material to become a high fidelity audio radiator.

IP65 waterproof and dust proof certification opens up a variety of installation opportunities in luxury residences, marine, hospitality and retail. A pair of Multiducers can replace double or more conventional speakers with a more immersive sound field, a wide polar dispersion, even sound pressure and frequency response.

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