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Revered academic institution equipped with Dynacord

David Davies 18 January 2012
Revered academic institution equipped with Dynacord

Located in Cracow, Jagiellonian University is Poland’s largest university and one of the oldest and most revered academic institutions in the world.

Nicolaus Copernicus and Pope John Paul II are among the many distinguished alumni of the university, which was recently the subject of a major audio upgrade in multiple lecture and concert halls.

The Cracow and Wroclaw-based branches of Tommex Zebrowscy Sp. J. were responsible for the design of the sound systems. In the case of the Kotlownia lecture and exhibition hall, the firm’s specialists attached particular importance to finding a loudspeaker system capable of delivering both a very high level of intelligibility and precise control.

To cater to these requirements, they specified a solution based around equipment from Dynacord, with VariLine VL 262W two-way loudspeakers selected to provide even coverage in the balcony area of the lecture hall. Remote control and power are provided by a Dynacord DSA 8410 power amplifier equipped with an RCM-810 IRIS-Net module. The sound system processor chosen was a Dynacord DSP 600.

Marcin Zimny from Tommex Zebrowscy explained that the specification of the DSA 8410 was “a critical choice because on the one hand we wanted to supply installed loudspeakers with as much power as possible and to achieve the finest sound quality, whilst on the other hand we wanted to align with the client’s request to limit the total amount of system components. Thanks to the DSP 600, we can configure the entire sound reinforcement system in such a way as to ensure intelligibility is optimal in all parts of the hall.”

The installation also features a Dynacord CMS 1000-3 mixer capable of delivering either the main L/R signals to all parts of the hall, or separate mixes to the main body of the auditorium and the balcony.

“Furthermore, thanks to the CMS 1000-3, the sound engineer can not only mix down every single microphone individually but simultaneously route the entire output through the USB interface to a computer for the purpose of recording,” said Zimny. “Our customer is extremely satisfied with the entire installation. The new equipment not only achieves crystal-clear intelligibility but can also be controlled simply and with a high degree of precision. That is exactly what the customer asked us for.”

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