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Renkus-Heinz launches Iconyx loudspeaker upgrade

Andrew Brister 2 November 2011
Renkus-Heinz launches Iconyx loudspeaker upgrade

Renkus-Heinz has unveiled two major enhancements to its family of digital beam steering loudspeaker products with the latest upgrade in the Iconyx range and the new RHAON steering module.

The IC8R-II is a major evolutionary update to the Iconyx range, introducing significant performance improvement over its predecessor, the IC8R, combining a new Triple Tweeter High Frequency Array Coax with the equally new RHAON (Renkus-Heinz Audio Operations Network) v1.8 beam steering module.
The new Triple Tweeter design creates a continuous, close spaced high frequency line source that pushes the onset of gradient lobes out past 10 kHz, while the new RHAON v1.8 beam steering module offers a host of new features to make setting up and commissioning Iconyx arrays faster and more consistent than ever.

First, a new automated beam-shaping algorithm, developed from the years of feedback on practical implementation, maps consistent coverage and sound pressure level throughout the audience areas.

In addition, the frequency response of the beam-shaping filters can now be optimised prior to uploading into the column, meaning that very little, if any, additional equalisation is required during commissioning. As well as these new time-saving features, the basic filter sets have been updated for improved directional consistency over a wider frequency range for optimum performance.


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