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Rebate for developers from Armour Home

test 30 June 2009

The new Systemline HomeNet Developers Rebate Scheme from Armour Home is designed to encourage house developers to install home automation. The scheme provides developers with a rebate for each house/apartment installed with Armour’s Systemline HomeNet. The developer needs to sign a Builder Participation Agreement committing to a minimum of 25 homes.

HomeNet enclosures act as a central hub from which incoming services – including telecommunications, data, radio, CCTV, terrestrial, satellite and cable TV and Systemline Modular multi-room entertainment – are distributed around the home via Cat5 and coaxial cables.

“We all know times are tough out there, but we also know that the developers who will come out on top are the ones who can add value to their properties,” said Adrian Ickeringill, modular sales manager for Armour Home.

“Systemline HomeNet provides developers with that advantage. It allows for home automation to be a simple and cost-effective reality for both the developer and the home-owner. With the Rebate Scheme we hope to provide the developer with added motivation. It’s our way of helping out in a difficult economic climate and a way of clearly showing our belief in this product.”

Developers also benefit by installing Systemline HomeNet under the Code for Sustainable Homes as they are awarded 1.2 points for ‘the provision of a space and services which allows the occupants to set up a home office in a quiet room’.

Armour Home points out that, with 3.1 million people now working from home and over 40% of UK businesses being home based, Systemline HomeNet allows for an excellent range of services to be brought into the home conveniently, cost-effectively and neatly.

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