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Real Sound Lab extends CONEQ reach

David Davies 4 July 2011
Real Sound Lab extends CONEQ reach

Latvia-based Real Sound Lab has announced the introduction of the CONEQ COMPATIBLE program, boosting accessibility to its loudspeaker measurement/equalisation technology.

CONEQ is a technology for the measurement and equalisation of Acoustic Power Frequency Response (APFR) of loudspeakers. The application of CONEQ correction filters to the audio signal yields sound reproduction that, says Real Sound Lab, is ‘extremely close to that of the source material, as if the original sound source were relocated at the location of the loudspeaker.’

Now the company has extended the potential reach of CONEQ by introducing CONEQ COMPATIBLE, a program designed to make the technology more affordable and facilitate easier integration in any loudspeaker management system using third-party devices that support compatible CONEQ equalisation filters.

Real Sound Lab CEO Viesturs Sosars explained the principles behind the CONEQ technology: “We solve the speaker distortion problem by first identifying it using the Acoustic Power Frequency Response (APFR) measurement and then improving the frequency response of the loudspeaker by applying the CONEQ equalisation filter without creating new defects.”

BSS Audio devices have been announced as the first non-Real Sound Lab hardware and software products to be tested and confirmed as being able to apply the new compatible filters. BSS Audioo devices capable of applying CONEQ COMPATIBLE filters are BLU-800, BLU-160, BLU-80 and BLU-16. BLU-80 has been put through practical trials and was shown in an active deployment at InfoComm last month; BLU-800, BLU-160 and BLU-16 will be subjected to practical tests in the near-future.

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