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RCF systems for HoW renewals

David Davies 25 April 2011
RCF systems for HoW renewals

The St. Joseph Catholic Church in Siegburg, Germany, was equipped with two RCF VSA 2050 DSP-controlled vertical steerable arrays during a recent PA overhaul project.

The RCF system was selected after a parallel test involving another steerable speaker product. The VSA 2050s were placed on the left and right side of the altar, with optional mounting brackets allowing the columns to be turned slightly towards the audience.

The same RCF specification is also now present in another well-known HoW in Germany – Cologne’s St. Severin.

To minimise visual impact upon St. Joseph, the new RCF systems are using an existing 100V cable network. The output signal from the new digital 100V mixing amplifier is converted via a small transformer mounted on the back of the DSP columns.

System set-up was achieved using new RCF PC control software in conjunction with the VSA-RC infrared remote control. If possible, up to seven full parametric filters can be employed to optimise the room acoustics.

Josef Schlechtriemen, speaking on behalf of the congregation in Siegburg, commented: “All members of the congregation confirm that there is a very clearly audible improvement of the sound and everyone is very pleased with the investment in the new RCF PA system.”

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