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RCF system for prestigious Israeli events hall

test 2 December 2009

The Maagalim complex in the city of Yavne has been equipped with a comprehensive RCF sound system. Halilit, RCF’s distributor in Israel, was required to specify an audio system suitable for entertainment on the dancefloor and background music in the adjacent seated areas.

Putting an RCF DX4008 DSP at the centre of his design, Halilit’s Eitan Glickman devised a main active system with support for four delay zones. As a result, the dancefloor benefits from a high SPL that does not conflict with the background music for the seated areas.

The main dancefloor system comprises TT22-A two-way systems and ART902-AS active subwoofers, while the other four zones feature MQ80, MQ50, MQ50C and MQ60 speakers, along with more ART Series subs.

The sound and lighting installation at the Maagalim complex was accomplished in co-operation with the Gil Teichman Company.

In other news, RCF recently added further products to its Installed Sound Speaker System line. Available in black and white, the MQ100L is a three-way column loudspeaker designed to provide natural high-fidelity sound for both speech and music, while the P3108 and P4228 weatherproof two-way loudspeakers are suitable for a variety of professional outdoor and indoor applications.

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