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RCF installation at new Juventus Stadium

David Davies 13 September 2011
RCF installation at new Juventus Stadium

RCF audio products are very much in evidence at the newly constructed Juventus Stadium, located in the Continassa area of Torino, Italy.

The stadium has a capacity of 41,000 seats and 120 executive boxes, and it will be the centre of a totally renewed area that will also include a large 34,000 sqm commercial mall, the first Juventus Museum, a parking area with 4,000 vehicle capacity, and many other facilities.

The Juventus Stadium complex is equipped with state of the art equipment, including audio solutions from RCF. The RCF commercial audio department was involved in the project since the beginning and designed the total audio solution for the Stadium and the other buildings in the complex.

In addition to RCF Installed Sound and Commercial Audio products, special cluster design applications and other bespoke products were developed.

Each cluster contains two units of the RCF Acustica H1315WP, a three-way full range loudspeaker system that incorporate a 15” LF transducer, a 10” cone MF transducer and a 1.4” exit titanium compression driver. The WP version is weatherproof and especially designed to withstand exposure to weather without damage or loss of function to the speakers. Meanwhile, the tribune areas are covered by a total of 88 H1315WPs, all installed in pairs.

Antonio Ferrari, RCF market manager audio contractor, commented: “Being part of a large scaled installation and also get the possibility to be active in the process from the first drawings is important for a solution partner. With the new Juventus Stadium installation we have added a nice reference that we can use for future stadium projects and to support our distributors and customers with equal projects.”

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