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RCF at new Romanian football stadium

David Davies 14 November 2011
RCF at new Romanian football stadium

The recently opened Ilie Oană Stadium – whose primary function is to serve as the home venue of FC Petrolul Ploiesti – has been equipped with an RCF audio system supplied by FBS Lines.

Unveiled in September, the new facility has a seating capacity of 15,500 people and is regarded as one of the most modern stadium complexes in Romania.

An audio design devised by FBS Lines in conjunction with the RCF project department includes: 24 RCF P6215 and 28 RCF P4228 speakers to cover the tribune sections; amplification from six RCF DPS 3000 2-channel and eight RCF HPS 2500 2-channel power amplifiers; control from two RCF DX 4008 digital loudspeaker management units; and an RCF M1033 CD-USB MP3 FM tuner.

A FBS Lines spokesperson described the project as “simply a milestone installation. Everything has been working according to the plans and we have ended up with a superb solution for the Ilie Oană Stadium. We are receiving many positive comments about our work. It has been great to see that the investment into a modern audio system solution is on the same high level as all the other segments that are within the stadium construction. It was important for us to be part of this project from the beginning and it also [demonstrated] that we could supply the optimal solution. I am sure that this installation will add future references to RCF in our country.”

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