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Quantum leap for Runco?

test 2 December 2009

The company claims to have "changed the landscape of custom home theatre projection" with its QuantumColor Series projectors. Incorporating energy-saving LED technology and proprietary Runco solutions (InfiniLight, Personal Color Equalizer and Runco Smart Color), the new series comprises the Q-750i and Q-750d.


The InfiniLight lampless LED illumination technology provides an infinite light source that, says Runco, results in an energy efficient projector sporting "the widest colour gamut ever seen in home theatre projection". Personal Color Equalizer allows custom colour adjustment that includes settings matched to the definition of Hollywood cinematographers and the viewer’s individual preferences, while Runco Smart Color provides a hue compensation curve and gamut mapping for accurate flesh tones and increased colour saturation.


Suitable for pairing with Runco’s CineWide and CineWide-with-AutoScope technology, the Q-750i and Q-750d are distributed exclusively in the UK by Pulse Marketing.

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