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QSC AcousticDesign for new Beirut restaurant

David Davies 10 May 2011
QSC AcousticDesign for new Beirut restaurant

Celebrated restaurateur Mourad ‘Momo’ Mazouz has brought his Moroccan-themed concept to Beirut in the form of a new outlet entitled Momo At The Souks.

QSC’s Lebanese distributor, Technosound, was enlisted to provide sound distribution to the extended terrace, which mixes vintage furniture, designer pieces and made-to-measure fixtures in the shell of a hanging garden.

Four QSC PLX2502 amplifiers have been assigned to drive 22 AcousticDesign AD-S52 surface mount loudspeakers, which are fed either from a DJ set-up or an iPod for background, while an additional PLX3602 powers the restaurant sound.

The high-quality, transparent sound-offering set-up is said to have met with the satisfaction of the client, according to Technosound’s director of sales and marketing, Pierre Fahed.

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