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Qatar Uni equipped with customised DIS solution

David Davies 14 December 2011
Qatar Uni equipped with customised DIS solution

Systems integrator Techno Q has installed a grand total of 135 customised Danish Interpretation Systems (DIS) microphone units in an auditorium at Qatar University.

The silver CM/DM 6580F units feature three buttons for voting, chip card reader, channel selector, 3.5mm headphone socket, loudspeaker, the new boundary microphone BM 6620, and the printed logo of Techno Q.

The two distributed language channels at this location can be monitored through DH 6023 stethoscope headphones, while the output box AO 6008 enables the use of up to eight channels for recording purposes, etc. A SW 6000 software package garners access to additional features, including delegate identification.

In addition to the bespoke DCS 6000 system in the auditorium, a nearby press room features a CDS 4000 system with one chairman and five delegate units.

The turnaround period for the project was limited, but all equipment was delivered and installed in good time.

Christoph Hellmuth at DIS told IE:“College of education at Qatar University is not just another reference for us. This project has been a very special challenge due to the requested customisation which we don’t do on a daily basis. It’s proof that we can do it even if the time is very limited. Qatar in general is a booming market and everybody is already looking [towards] the upcoming opportunities in the [years ahead] because of the Soccer World Championship 2022. There will be a lot happening and, with references like this, DIS is well-prepared for new challenges.”

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