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Qatar club installed with L-Acoustics

David Davies 18 October 2010
Qatar club installed with L-Acoustics

The venue – Seven at La Cigale Hotel in Doha – has been supplied with the dV-DOSC/ARCS system by L-Acoustics Certified Provider Venuetech.

The 1,000-capacity oval-shaped club has been installed with a stereo configuration located in front of the DJ booth. This comprises two hangs of four dV-DOSC cabinets focused on the dance floor and four hangs of three ARCS medium format line source cabinets to cover the table areas around the dance floor. In addition, six distributed 12XT coaxial boxes cover a pillared area.

The club also features an unusual sub bass setup of six SB28 subs in a horizontal ARCS/SUB configuration, to deal with the very wide shape of the venue.

The DJ, VJ and LJ all have personal monitoring systems of 12XT coaxials, while the entire system is driven by LA4 and LA8 amplified controllers, monitored by the L-Acoustics Network Manager remote control software.

Venuetech’s technical director, Elie Khairallah, commented: “The venue’s architectural shape is unusual and the design of the system was a big challenge. The result is phenomenal and the sound quality, along with SPL levels that system can provide, is excellent. All of the gear was installed in a very short time and setup of the system was accomplished in just two days.”

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