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Q Acoustics launches new Q-TV variant

test 24 February 2010

The new Q-TV2X stereo loudspeaker system adjusts to match 42-50in flatscreen televisions. A new variant of Q Acoustics’s Q-TV ultra-discreet, amplified, 2.1-channel stereo loudspeaker system, Q-TV2X follows the recently launched first Q-TV model, the Q-TV2 for 30-42in TVs.

Q-TV – which is said to have enjoyed “astonishing success” since it debuted five months ago – was developed to enhance the sound quality provided by large flatscreen TVs.

“Q-TV is the perfect solution to this problem because it delivers a massive improvement over the TV’s own sound, yet is so discreet we can reasonably describe it as ‘almost invisible’,” said Tony Jones, category manager for Q Acoustics at brand owner Armour Home. “All owners will see is an extremely slim, very stylish satellite speaker peeping out from either side of their TV. Importantly, what they absolutely won’t see are any wires or what is probably the world’s slimmest subwoofer at only 38mm deep. The latter contains 100W of amplification, plus the control electronics, and attaches completely out of sight to the standard VESA sockets found on the back of every television.”

In addition to boosting the sound from TV programmes, DVDs, CDs, digital radio stations and computer games, the Q-TV incorporates a spare input for iPods/MP3 players. There is a total of eight advanced BMR (Balanced Mode Radiator) loudspeaker drive units, two in each satellite and four in the subwoofer, with these drivers said to provide exceptionally dynamic low distortion sound and dispersion across a “much wider axis than conventional speakers”.

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