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Pushing the envelope – companies collaborate on home cinema install

test 25 September 2009

The UK project pooled the talents of Pulse Marketing and Imagine This. According to the two companies, they have constructed “a movie’s fan dream” that incorporates a wealth of cutting-edge audio-visual technology.

Equipment specified for the project includes a Niveus Pro N4 Blu-ray server, a Runco VX22d projector with McKinley CineWide and AutoScope lens, a Screen Research T-XLS-130-235-2W-B 130″ Theatre Cure X-Mask Screen, Procella Audio loudspeakers, Fortress Matinee sofas and a Sherbourn C12 Rack Cooling Unit.

“We wanted to push the envelope yet again with this installation,” said Pulse Marketing’s Mike Beatty. “We’ve worked with Imagine This before, and they share our enthusiasm for home cinema design and planning – as well as being as passionate as us about movies.”

Imagine This’ Guy Singleton added: “Pulse are in tune with how we like to work, and were integral to this process. Plus, having a distributor like Pulse working alongside you means you can relax in the knowledge that your product choices are the right ones.”

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