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Pure Acoustics ultra-portable boombox

test 1 February 2012
Pure Acoustics ultra-portable boombox

New in-wall and outdoor speakers, and a Bluetooth system designed as a re-invention of the boombox have been introduced by Pure Acoustics. The affordable, ultra-portable hipbox GTX14, GTX14B (Bluetooth) and GTX16 can connect to any device, from smartphones to iPads, and plays mp3-format music or podcasts stored on USB or SD cards. Features include a lithium-ion four-hour rechargeable battery that can also recharge a dead phone; FM radio, and the ability to act as a speaker for laptops or desktop PCs.
The company’s NR in-wall series has a sleek, space-saving design. The thin frame speakers include 4in, 5.25in, 6.5in, centre channel and subwoofer options. They use high-quality carbon fibreglass drivers and a swivel tweeter.
Pure’s versatile Yoo23 entertainment system includes iPod dock, DIVX capability, USB and TV connectivity, while its indoor/outdoor PX277P series offers a built-in amplifier and slim design.
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