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Prolight + Sound 2014: AV Stumpfl to launch Wings AV version 1.4

Paddy Baker 7 March 2014
Prolight + Sound 2014: AV Stumpfl to launch Wings AV version 1.4

AV Stumpfl is to launch version 1.4 of its Wings AV network-based multi-display system at Prolight + Sound. The Wings AV  media server solution covers video editing, compositing, audio editing, show control production and big multidisplay scenarios, all in one suite. Feature updates include improved performance monitoring and the implementation of radarTOUCH and LeapMotion (pictured) interactive controllers.

Wings AV’s network-based environment, AVIO, is designed to link the applications such as Wings Vioso, Wings touch and IObox hardware interface boxes (for DMX, serial, RS232, remote) at the click of a button. The suite can cover many different scenarios, pushing boundaries with classical media server solutions.

With Wings AV 1.4, real-time show performance can be reviewed and track during the editing process. The fully customisable colour graph gives guidance, and also feedback when performance optimisation is needed (for instance adjusting CPU load, frame rate or memory consumption). This enables applications to be fully maximised.

Another new feature is that radarTOUCH and LeapMotion interactive controllers can now be as easily integrated as any other device in the Avio environment. They can be simply added to an existing network.

Using Avio Service Scheduler, individual start-up schedules can be created for an installation that enable it to start up and shut down fully automatically on any given day and time. It can therefore be used to plan and develop a typical operating plan for an installation scenario. This new feature can work together with Wings Vioso 5, but is also able to act independently.

Also, any connected hardware that is WOL- (wake on LAN) compatible can now be started with a IObox. All IOboxes can now interpret a WOL Avioscript that uses this WOL functionality.

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