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Prolight + Sound 2013: Visual Productions launches CueluxPro and B-Station interface

Ian McMurray 11 April 2013
Prolight + Sound 2013: Visual Productions launches CueluxPro and B-Station interface

Visual Productions is launching two new products at Prolight+Sound in Frankfurt this year; CueluxPro software lighting control and the B-Station networked button interface.

According to the company, the two new products complement and enhance the current Visual Productions product line. CueluxPro is described as an advanced and scalable software lighting control application. The software is designed to control medium to large lighting installations, for both architectural and live entertainment situations. CueluxPro works in combination with the CueCore and IoCore as its DMX and IO interfaces and with the new B-Station user-interface.

As with the Cuelux software, CueluxPro is cross-platform for Windows, Mac or Ubuntu Linux, works with an industry-standard Cuelist system and is 100% touchscreen compatible. CueluxPro is a scalable system: users can start by using a single CueCore and expand up to 8 CueCores, several IoCores and multiple B-Stations.

All hardware peripherals are connected via Ethernet. The software’s matrix control, a pixel mapper for controlling LED matrices, is a feature deeply embedded within the operation of CueluxPro. It is said to be very intuitive to control the matrix in unison with the other fixture types. In fact, multiple matrices can be controlled from CueluxPro using a variety of internal effects or external graphical content.

CueluxPro features a timeline editor for programming accurate light-shows. The timeline can be synchronised by time-code protocols like SMPTE and MTC. The CueluxPro software supports many protocols including DMX-512, Art-Net, MIDI, UDP, OSC, MTC, SMPTE, RS-232 and GPI. The protocols can be used for triggering events within the software or for converting into one of the other signals.

The B-Station is a wall-mount button panel with six push-buttons. The B-Station can remote control any function within the CueCore solid-state lighting controller. The buttons are back-lit and can provide visual feedback, for example, to indicate the selected cue or active show. Multiple B-Stations can be networked together. The button station supports various open protocols like OSC, UDP and Art-Net. This allows it to be integrated with other 3rd party network-based systems as well, e.g. audio, video or show control systems.

For small architectural projects, the B-Station contains an inbuilt lighting controller that is capable of programming 32 fixtures and a maximum of 768 cues. The lighting can be divided into six individually controlled zones. The stand-alone controller also features an FX generator for effects like sinus, rainbow, twinkle, random strobe, etc. All programming is done via the web-interface; no additional client software is required.

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