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Prolight + Sound 2013: IOSONO unveils Core

Jo Ruddock 10 April 2013
Prolight + Sound 2013: IOSONO unveils Core

IOSONO is using Prolight + Sound to preview Core, a complete system solution for 3D audio processing enabling unparalleled soundscapes for cinemas, events and themed entertainment. The new processor has been designed to fulfill the highest expectations on multidimensional sound placement.

Core is a modular platform that features tailor-made options for a variety of applications. The system can adapt to individual customer requirements through integration of optional I/O cards, guaranteeing best performance and cost-efficiency for all venues.

The user interface ensures a fast and convenient operation, while the processor’s housing combines an elegant look with the robustness needed for use in live and event applications.

IOSONO Core enables sounds to be emanated from the walls of the auditorium and, unlike any other system, sound elements can arrive from great distances, moving through the audience right to the listener’s ear. “With the introduction of the new Core system, IOSONO once again sets the benchmark for 3D audio processing systems, ”said CEO Olaf Stepputat, CEO. “The new system has been developed with great feedback from our existing customers. After years of research we’re proud of the product it turned out to be,” he adds.

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