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Projection Mapping: When a Building Becomes The Backdrop For Dynamic Content

Jo Ruddock 16 January 2012
Projection Mapping: When a Building Becomes The Backdrop For Dynamic Content

One of the most striking new applications for pro-AV technology is Projection Mapping, in which the façade of a building is used as the dynamic backdrop for a multimedia event, morphing into myriad different shapes in sync with lighting and sound to produce an unforgettable audience experience. At 16:00 on Wednesday 1 February in ISE’s Education Zone, Tim Brooksbank of Calibre UK will present an InfoComm session on Projection Mapping and the technologies that are used to facilitate it, notable the latest in edge-blending technology. Edge-blending is often used to create large bright images from several projectors. Traditionally it suffers from loss of quality and complex set-up issues related to the mechanical alignment of the images from each projector. By use of electronic image warping to bend the images from each projector to the correct shape, multiple projectors can be easily aligned even on surfaces that are not flat – such as buildings. Tim’s presentation will explain the process used to achieve alignment in a real-world install. Tim Brooksbank has around 23 years experience in the video display and image processing fields and is Chairman/CEO of ISE exhibitor Calibre UK Ltd, which has manufactured specialist equipment for these fields since 1998. He is an electronics and software engineer by training but has experience with economics and finance. He understands the need for a business case to use technology to achieve a commercially successful result as opposed to just using it because it is nice, new, exciting and technologically advantageous. To register for the Projection Mapping session and to view the rest of InfoComm’s ISE education programme online, click here. 

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