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Projecta introduces Pearlescent

Ian McMurray 14 June 2011
Projecta introduces Pearlescent

Projecta has introduced a new screen specifically designed for high-brightness environments. Pearlescent is a vinyl projection surface for tensioned projection screens like electric tab-tensioned projection screens, fixed frame screens or Fast-Fold projection screens. It has a gain of 1.5 and a full viewing angle of 80°.

According to the company, many beautifully designed installations do not take audio visual installations into account: when a projection screen has to be installed in an environment with a lot of windows and ambient light, a projection surface is needed that can still provide a clear and visible image. Pearlescent with an increased reflection performance of 1.5 gain, has been developed with this situation in mind.

Pearlescent is specially designed with a reflective coating, which provides an increased amount of brightness with a moderately reduced viewing angle. The increased gain of this surface makes it suitable for environments where ambient lighting is uncontrollable and a projector with moderate light output is utilised.

A tensioned projection screen surface guarantees a flat viewing area which is necessary for any installation where high quality projection is desired; high resolution projectors and short throw lenses increase the necessity for a perfectly flat screen surface. Projecta has been focusing on tensioned projection screens and screen surfaces for several years, and the company says that it uses special non-supported vinyl materials that are specifically designed for tensioning.

Pearlescent is available in the Tensioned Descender (RF) Electrol and Tensioned Elpro (RF) Electrol.

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