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Proel holds international distributor meeting

David Davies 3 November 2010
Proel holds international distributor meeting

The company’s annual distributor meeting at its HQ in Italy attracted more than 60 people from 30-plus countries, and featured a host of presentations on Proel’s plans and strategies for each region.

The busy programme also included study sessions on Proel technology, including a demo of new products on the second day and a dedicated session about systems for PA and installation.

Proel Group corporate communications manager Gerardo Volpi told IE: "Part of Proel’s International distributor conference involved dedicated workshops focused on the different segments that the company operates in. One of these workshops was dedicated to the Proel EVAC2 Voice evacuation system and the new Matrix 88 digital matrix. Proel also shared information on their strategy for 2011 for installed sounds products, previewing new product plans and activities."

The event concluded with performances by several well-known endorsers, who played instruments from Proel’s proprietary brands, including Massimo Zagonari for Grassi (brass instruments), Giovanna Famulari for Vox Meister (stringed instruments), and Claudio Canzano for Tamburo (percussion).

Simon Sinclair, Proel Group’s business development director, commented: “Proel is investing more and more in this kind of event in [an] effort to anchor itself to a positive market trend that marks its growth at an international level. In this period of constant evolution, when we are overwhelmed by the various channels of interactive communication, we are convinced that what we need [is] a chance to speak directly with the market, to discuss problems, find the best solutions and stimulate business partnership ideas.

“The event lasted five days, during which the best international distributors received awards and everybody got to taste the specialties of Abruzzo’s regional cuisine and visit the beautiful Italian creations that can be admired at the Ferrari Gallery in Maranello and at Maserati.”

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