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Proel EVAC for Benetton Group complex

David Davies 3 June 2011
Proel EVAC for Benetton Group complex

A Proel PROEVAC2 audio system has been installed at the new Villorba, Italy facility owned by the Benetton Group.

The Proel system was selected by Barzon & Dainese from Ponte S. Nicolò (PD). In total, they installed a 10-zone PROEVAC2 system with 20 speaker lines – two lines for each zone – for a total load of 4000W.

The EN60849-compliant system is based out of the control room and controlled by a centralised rack with microphone console from which all vocal announcements and, if necessary, prerecorded evacuation alerts can be delivered. There is direct connection with the smoke and fire detection devices.

EVAC speakers are to be found in every area of the building, which incorporates an exclusive event centre and racing car museum.

The completed project is said to have satisfied both the customer and the installation company.

“As far as safety goes, surely it’s a good sign that certain organisations are starting to pay a lot of attention to the selection of vocal evacuation systems,” said Alessandro Rendina, Proel ‘s AVL division technical manager. “There’s still a lot of work to be done with medium and small-sized companies on such an important issue, but Proel has committed itself to this and is trying to raise awareness on safety through technical seminars and by systematically updating its products in compliance with the latest safety regulations.”

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