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Prodigal new releases from Crestron

David Davies 15 March 2011
Prodigal new releases from Crestron

The PMC3 control systems enable greater power, speed and memory, while the PMC3-XP bridges the gap from Prodigy to the entire Crestron range.

Powered by the new Core 3 OS, PMC3 control systems provide an IT-based backbone for simplified, affordable home control and automation.

“PMC3 control systems represent the future of affordable, integrated home automation from Crestron,” commented Robin van Meeuwen, managing director of Crestron UK. “As well as increased power and speed, the PMC3-XP allows a seamless upgrade path to the entire Creston line. This means homeowners can install Prodigy now then, at a later date, incorporate the infinite possibilities of a complete Crestron whole-home control system.”

The PMC3 can simultaneously run 10 independent programs, all communicating with each other across the same platform. For installations with distributed architecture systems, a further PMC3 unit can be added, allowing isolated control of a home cinema, lighting control, shades, thermostat and other networked home systems.

System design and installation is facilitated through the built-in Crestron wireless technology that connects directly to the PMC3 control system and operates though Prodigy wireless keypads; no separate gateways are required.

Available from the iTunes App Store, Crestron Mobile Pro and Mobile Pro G, apps for Apple iPad and iPhone allow easy connection to PMC3.

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