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Prestigious installation trio for Systemline Modular

Ian McMurray 16 June 2010

The home entertainment system is an integral part of three prestigious new installations by Armour Home Electronics. At Akbar’s Restaurant, Middlesbrough, Systemline Modular provides background music in the main restaurant, washrooms, a separate function room, and the kitchen and office areas. Local sources allow the restaurant to link-in to a PA system or, when required for live music, an electronic instrument.

The deployment at The Boatyard residential development (pictured) in Manchester is even more extensive. The major new project features eight zones of Systemline Modular Advanced in each of the 63 properties. All systems are discreetly installed for seamless integration in the homes.

In a similar vein, all 24 luxury homes at Widmerpool Hall, Nottinghamshire, have been fitted with Systemline Modular systems.

Enabling users to listen or watch whatever they want in any room of their house, Systemline Modular has achieved 10,000 installations in new-home developments throughout the UK and Eire during the last five years.

Surveying the overall UK market, Adrian Ickeringill, new-build sales manager at Armour Home, told IE Residential: "Given the current market conditions new home purchasers feel that they want more ‘bang for their buck’ and the overall acceptance of Systemline Modular installations is proving to be exceptional. In today’s new-build market, the inclusion of a part fitted multi-room entertainment system in key locations, provides an added wow factor.

"Systemline Modular is now being fitted into more homes than ever before as part of the developer’s product offering, allowing the end client to hide their equipment and pipe music and video throughout the home with backbone cabling that supports future upgradeability. For homeowners, a built-in entertainment system provides a lifestyle-enhancing experience that can add upwards of £10K to the value of a property; being compatible with any audio devices, homebuyers can simply plug and play their equipment just like a central heating system for pictures and sound, without the clutter of visible wires or speakers."

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