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Prestigious Danish concert venue system spec expanded

Paddy Baker 6 May 2010
Prestigious Danish concert venue system spec expanded

L-Acoustics’ Danish distributor, Moto Audio Sales, has extended the system it installed into the Danmarks Radio Concert Hall in Copenhagen. As covered in the June 2009 issue of Installation Europe, the prestigious new venue was initially equipped with an L-Acoustics announcement system of KUDO line source and 12XT and 115XT HiQ coaxial speakers to reflect its primary application of acoustic classical music performance.

Now, in recognition of the need to stage other types of musical event, Moto Audio Sales has redesigned and extended the PA to make it suitable for amplified music. The new speaker system comprises six KUDO large-format and 32 KIVA ultra-compact line source cabinets with 12 KILO low-frequency extension boxes, eight SB118 subwoofers and a coaxial system of 8XT, 12XT and 115XT HiQ speakers. It is deployed around the concert hall in 10 separate arrays, with a network of LA4 and LA8 amplified controllers running the system.

Aside from the announcement system, the entire installation is mobile and can be de-rigged in a very short time. All speaker clusters are fitted with multi-cables and multi-connectors, while the moveable LA-RAKs are fitted with multi-cable adapters. This allows the PA system to be split into smaller configurations and deployed in other areas of the complex as required.

Erik Falck, CEO of Moto Audio Sales, commented: "During this latest phase of installation, we’ve been able to use the most up-to-date products available, and our installation and sound design team were thrilled to finalise this project. Our team, together with DR project managers Kent Longfors and Henrik Nilsson, enjoyed a good and constructive cooperation, and together we can be proud of this fantastic project."

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