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Practical Media Delivery over IP Technologies

Jo Ruddock 19 January 2012
Practical Media Delivery over IP Technologies

Broadband internet access is now the fourth utility – as important to the homeowner as gas, electricity and water. High-speed network services offer a staggering array of entertainment content which, thanks to ever-increasing network speeds and new licensing models, customers can now enjoy right across their home and beyond. Between 14:00 and 17:00 on Wednesday, 1 February in the Education Zone at ISE 2012, Gordon van Zuiden of cyberManor, Inc, will present a CEDIA education session that will explore and discuss how modern, higher-bandwidth networks can deliver audio and video to network-ready TVs and networked audio systems. Gordon will review the initial introduction of distributed IP audio/video content in the home about a decade ago, how it has evolved over the last 10 years, and what these services could look like in the future. More importantly, he will discuss how professional installers can add value to these systems with professional design, installation and control. Finally, he will look at Apple and Android IP-based home automation applications that extend network control to other fields such as lighting, cameras, security, thermostats, pools and hot tubs…you name it! President of cyberManor, Inc, Gordon van Zuiden is a noted author, innovator, speaker, and trainer in the home networking industry.  His hi-tech experience includes co-founding Edge Information Systems, once recognised as the second fastest-growing system integrator in the U.S. with revenues under $100 million. In 2002, he helped author Cisco’s Home Network Integrator curriculum—a standardizsed, industry-wide training programme for installing and maintaining home networking products and services. In 2007 he was voted by his industry peers to serve on CEDIA’s national board.  By the end of this course, attendees will have gained an understanding of the design, infrastructure, and control solutions needed to maximise the benefit and enjoyment of today’s distributed residential IP audio/ video solutions. To book this course online and to view all of CEDIA’s sessions in the Education Zone at ISE 2012, click here. 

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