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Powersoft NWare plug-in for MediaMatrix NION

David Davies 28 June 2011
Powersoft NWare plug-in for MediaMatrix NION

The new plug-in – available now – allows end-users to control and monitor Powersoft K Series and Duecanali amplifiers through a single GUI within the NWare software.

NWare software controls MediaMatrix digital signal processors and peripherals.

To utilise the new plug-in, users may first complete the initial set-up of Powersoft amplifiers through the manufacturer’s Armonía Pro Audio Suite sound system management software. Once that is done, the plug-in can be installed in the local NWare copy, where it will appear in the devices menu. At that point, they can be added to designs. All monitoring and control functions will be available through the Powersoft blocks within the NWare software system.

The Powersoft blocks display the power status of individual amplifiers, temperature, and the status of main supply and of the polling process. Alarm indicators show an aggregate of all alarms on the amplifier channel, while signal presence indicators mimic the signal LEDs on the front of the amplifier. The plug-in interface provides a standby mode to save power and a mute control which allows channels to be muted individually.

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