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Powersoft announces EAW Focusing support

David Davies 1 July 2011
Powersoft announces EAW Focusing support

The latest software upgrades for Powersoft’s K Series DSP amplifiers support EAW Focusing as a result of a collaboration between EAW and Powersoft engineers.

End-users powering EAW systems with K Series DSP amplifiers will experience the benefits of Powersoft technology, including universal switch mode power supplies with Power Factor Correction (PFC) and patented Class D technology.

The K Series consists of six models ranging from 2 x 2400 watt/channel @ 4 ohms to 2 x 9000 watts/channel @ 2 ohms – all within a single rack unit.

End-users can obtain Greybox files from EAW and load them into the Powersoft K Series DSP platform utilising Powersoft’s Armonía Pro Audio Suite software to facilitate system management.

The latest Armonía Pro Audio Suite software version as well as a Greybox-specific plug-in and the required amplifier and DSP firmware are available as free downloads from the Armonía support forum within Powersoft’s website.

Thomas Mittelmann, Powersoft business development manager, commented: “EAW users will benefit greatly from Greyboxes residing within the K Series DSP. Powersoft’s greatest fortes, performance and efficiency integrated with EAW Focusing, will create systems that provide an unprecedented level of sound reinforcement excellence.”

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