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Poland gearing up for 2012 with Outline

David Davies 2 November 2010
Poland gearing up for 2012 with Outline

Poznan’s City Stadium marked its reopening with a concert by Sting following an extensive programme of modernisation that included the installation of Outline point source enclosures.

The revamp presages the stadium’s role as one of the host venue for the Euro soccer championship in 2012. As part of a project that included the creation of three new stands, the facility undertook an extensive specification of high-quality audio equipment, bringing in Krzysztof Mludzik and Kamil Slowikowski from Ambient System to design the system. A combination of Outline’s high quality products and professional support is said to have informed the selection of equipment from the Italy-based manufacturer.

Ultimately, Ambient System devised a sound reinforcement system based on 52 Tripla II 9075 loudspeakers and 64 Micra II loudspeakers (covering the stands), as well as 6 Doppia II 9075 P loudspeaker systems (for the pitch). Power is provided by 34 T Five and 8 T Seven amplifiers, also from Outline.

The speaker set-up specified for this project was also tested with acoustic simulations undertaken via EASE software.

Outline’s Michele Noselli told IE: “We’re obviously extremely proud that our systems will be used to amplify the 2012 European Football Championship. Having ‘played’ (and won) a match with the world’s most prestigious audio manufacturers also amplified our enthusiasm. It’s worth mentioning that our Tripla ‘point source’ systems were also chosen and used – with excellent results – on the occasion of the Champions League matches at Milan’s Meazza, Italy’s largest stadium and one of Europe’s most prestigious soccer facilities. The proverbial intelligibility, long throw, high acoustic pressure and ability to reproduce low frequencies (4×12”; 2×8”; 1×3”) [of these] all-in-one ultra-compact cabinets are the features that make this loudspeaker system a reference point in the sound reinforcement field. The flexibility of our production line enables us to customise products; in this case bearing in mind the very low operating temperatures.

"As is standard procedure with us, every cabinet was submitted to treatment (immersion in a special compound) that impregnates the wood and make it water and mould-proof. In the case of the Polish installation, following the application of the scratch-resistant black paint (itself strong and long-lasting), the enclosures underwent a special microporous treatment that further accentuates resistance and also favours the material’s breathing. The numerous special features also include audio cables with double insulation and watertight cable glands (instead of the customary Speakon connectors), to avoid the risk of rainwater seepage. As far as reliability and sturdiness are concerned, we’re sure the Poznan audio system will give absolutely no worries."

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