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Plumen designer low energy lamp from Hulger

Andrew Brister 29 September 2010
Plumen designer low energy lamp from Hulger

Three years in the making, the Plumen offers designers a striking alternative to conventional low-energy lamps. You won’t want to hide this one away.

Plumen is claimed to be the antithesis of low-energy lamps as we know them. Rather than hide the unappealing traditional compact fluorescent light behind a boring utility, Plumen 001 is a bulb you’ll want on show.

The Plumen bulb uses 80% less energy and lasts eight times longer than incandescent bulbs, giving you the opportunity to purchase an ecological product with style. It works just like any low-energy bulb but it has a lot more presence, says Hulger.

“It’s strange that the bulb, an object so synonymous with ideas, is almost entirely absent of imagination,” claims Nicolas Roope, Hulger co-founder and creative director.

The Plumen 001 is built with beauty at its heart, glowing with the aesthetic of a sculptural object. The forms the glass tubes take are irregular yet harmonious, as the two organic shapes mirror each other to create symmetry. The name Plumen comes from ‘plume’ – a bird’s decorative feather, designed to attract attention to its prowess and beauty. The company believes its designs do the same for the neglected low-energy light bulb.

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